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The Industry Product Standard “Vertical Turbine Pump” Drafted And Revised By NEP

Source:|Author:|release date:2018-03-28

Recently, the national industry standard CJ/T 235-2017 “Vertical Turbine Pump” drafted and revised by Hunan Neptune Pump Co., Ltd. was formally released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Standards Quota Division and will be implemented from May 1st this year. The revision of the “Vertical Turbine Pump” standard has been fulfilled on the premises of ensuring the requirements of the important norms of the original standard was not reduced, summarizing the experience of product application under the original standard for ten years, learning from new technologies both domestic and abroad, actively absorbing opinions of experts in various fields and combining the current actual situation of the pump industry. The original standard "Vertical Turbine Pump" CJ/T 235-2006 drafted and prepared by NEP in 2006 was repealed at the same time.


Requirements of performance, material, testing, appearance, etc. for Vertical Turbine Fire Pump has been added to the new standard. It provides the standard specification for application of vertical turbine pumps in fire fighting fields.


NEP will firmly implement the standard and continue to be dedicated to the product optimization and upgrading research. The revision and release of this standard will effectively promote the application of vertical turbine pumps in pump industry.

The Industry Product Standard “Vertical Turbine Pump” Drafted And Revised By Neptune Pump Will Be Implemented From May 01th This Year