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NPS Horizontal Split Case Pump

Short Description:

The NPS Pump stands as a cutting-edge single-stage, double-suction horizontal split-case centrifugal pump, delivering remarkable performance and reliability. Let’s delve deeper into its specifications:

Operating Parameters:

Capacity: The NPS Pump showcases a remarkable capacity, ranging from 100 to a substantial 25,000 cubic meters per hour. This extensive range ensures it can handle a wide spectrum of fluid transfer needs with ease.

Versatile Head Range: With a head capacity spanning from a modest 6 meters to an impressive 200 meters, the NPS Pump is equipped to efficiently elevate fluids to varying heights, demonstrating its adaptability across various applications.

Inlet Diameter: The inlet diameter options span from 150mm to a substantial 1400mm, providing flexibility and compatibility with various pipeline sizes, ensuring seamless integration into diverse systems.

Product Detail

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The NPS Pump serves as an invaluable asset across a multitude of applications, making it an indispensable choice for numerous industries and fluid transfer scenarios, including:

Fire Service / Municipal Water Supply / Dewatering Processes / Mining Operations / Paper Industry / Metallurgy Industry / Thermal Power Generation / Water Conservancy Projects

The NPS Pump's remarkable features, extensive capacity, and adaptability make it a dependable and versatile choice for a wide array of industries and fluid transfer requirements.


It is designed to transfer liquid with temperature from -20℃ to 80℃ and PH value from 5 to 9. The working pressure (inlet pressure plus pumping pressure) of the pump made of normal materials is 1.6Mpa. The highest working pressure can be 2.5 Mpa by changing the materials of pressure-bearing parts.


● Single stage double suction horizontal split case centrifugal pump

● Enclosed impellers, double suction provides hydraulic balance eliminating axial thrust

● Standard design for Clockwise viewed from coupling side ,also counter-clockwise rotation is available

● Diesel engine starting, also electrical and turbine is available

● High energy efficiency, low cavitation

Design feature

● Grease lubricated or oil lubricated bearings

● Stuffing box configured for packing or mechanical seals

● Temperature measuring and automatic oil supply for bearing parts

● Automatic starting device available



● Cast iron, Ductile iron, Cast steel


● Cast iron, Ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, bronze

Main shaft:

● Stainless steel, 45steel


● Cast iron, Stainless steel

Seal rings:

● Cast iron, Ductile iron, bronze, stainless steel



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