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Floating Pumping Station

Short Description:

Floating pump station are designed to set the pump on the floating, apply to lakes, reservoirs, tailing and other due to large differences in water level, uncertain frequency fluctuation and fixed pump station have been unable to meet the requirements for life and industrial.

Operating Parameters

Capacity 100 to 5000m³/h

Head  20 to 200m

Product Detail

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A floating pumping station is a comprehensive system comprising various components such as floatation devices, pumps, lifting mechanisms, valves, piping, local control cabinets, lighting, anchoring systems, and a PLC remote intelligent control system. This multifaceted station is engineered to meet a range of operational demands efficiently and effectively.

Key Characteristics:

Versatile Pump Options: The station is equipped with a selection of electric submersible seawater pumps, vertical turbine pumps, or horizontal split-case pumps. This flexibility ensures that the appropriate pump can be chosen to suit the specific application's needs.

Efficiency and Cost-Efficiency: It boasts a simple structure, allowing for a streamlined production process, which, in turn, minimizes production lead times. This not only saves time but also optimizes costs.

Easy Transportation and Installation: The station is designed with transportation and installation ease in mind, making it a convenient and practical choice for various operational scenarios.

Enhanced Pump Efficiency: The pumping system is distinguished by its heightened pump efficiency. Notably, it does not require a vacuum device, which further contributes to cost savings.

High-Quality Floating Material: The floatation element is constructed from high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene, ensuring buoyancy and durability under challenging conditions.

In summary, the floating pumping station offers a versatile and efficient solution for a multitude of applications. Its adaptability, simplified structure, and economic benefits, along with its robust floating material, make it a prime choice for industries requiring efficient and reliable fluid management in diverse settings.

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